WordPress vs Blogger – Which one is Better?

When it comes to blogging, we have a number of blogging platforms to start a blogging career. Many users asked why they should use WordPress.org instead of free blogging platforms which is Blogger.com or WordPress.com?

Many peoples loved WordPress because it has more features, support, and community. If anyone asks me, which blogging platform is better? here’s it’s my answer is:

The new bloggers haven’t enough knowledge on WordPress platform. However, I would likely to say “made a new blog from WordPress.com and then use it for practical & experimental purpose once you’ll get a full of grip then pick WordPress.org”

Although, there is also a free blogging platform powered by Google which Blogger.com. Of course, it is free but does not stick it for too long.

Do you have a wonderful hobby or a unique lifestyle? Perhaps you may need to build a community with a certain interest?

Also, the idea of improving content marketing to drive more traffic to your niche, what’s the appeal to you? If so, blogging is the right solution for you.

In this article, I’ll compare the WordPress vs Blogger. it will help you make a notified decision which blogging platform better for you.

Here, What I cover in this article;

  • What is WordPress.org?
  • What is Blogger?
  • Difference between WordPress vs Blogger?
  • Ownership
  • Getting started
  • Pricing
  • Design and Customization
  • Features
  • WordPress vs Blogger – Support
  • WordPress vs Blogger – Security
  • When is better option WordPress?
  • When is better option Blogger?

What is WordPress.org

WordPress started and developed in May 2003 free and content management system (CMS). it becomes the world’s biggest blogging platform which runs 32% of websites/bogs runs by using WordPress.

The community matters hundreds and thousands of WP developers and content creators meet at monthly in 436 cities worldwide.

It is a simple and user-friendly interface, security, SEO optimized also mobile responsive.

There are lots of resources which is Themes, Plugins, and site-builders, modules etc.

WordPress comes with two versions one is WordPress.com which is hosted version comes with some limitations. another one is WordPress.org which is self-hosted no restrictions completely flexible for user needs.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform which is created and developed by Pyra Labs in Aug 1999, and it was later acquired by Google in 2003. You’ll start a blog completely free site will be hosted by Google (servers) as a subdomain of Blogspot.com

The domain address will be like “keyword.blogspot.com” alternatively, you’ll also purchase your own primary domain. (keyword.com)

It played a big blogging platform at the starting stage and then suddenly the bloggers migrate into WordPress.org due to maybe inconvenience with blogger features, customization, support or community etc.

Difference between WordPress vs Blogger

The biggest difference between WordPress and blogger is control and customization. when compared to WordPress the blogger.com is safe but it has some restrictions which are if the content is not under their privacy and policy terms mean Violation of content and may of there.

WordPress is fully customizable with the user needs. you can open up lots of possibilities which is both positive or negative. (Violation or goodness, blameless)

Let’s dig into WordPress vs blogger features, support, and security and more;


WordPress uses self-hosting provider by start a blog your own. which is it fully controlled by you and you can decide how long your website will run. All under your control means you have fully managing what information to share.

Blogger is under controlled by Google. likely all your content stored in Google servers. it’s free but when your content misleads they will suspend or delete your blog. They can do anytime because these are their restrictions are maybe P&P terms.

I would recommend starting a blog by using WordPress it’s definitely reliable for you. because all content is stored in sever. which you already purchased right.

WordPress vs Blogger Getting Started

Getting Started with WP

If you likely to start a new blog it simply takes less time because you need to buy a domain and web hosting. I strongly recommended you go with Bluehost they provide 1-year free domain and they cover all your need with affordable price.

Once you signup for hosting and domain you need to install WordPress and customize your site with the help of WP Themes. once you all set it up you will now start publishing content.

Here is my step-by-step guide to how to start a blog 🙂

Getting Started with Blogger

Getting started with blogger very easier to make it. by making a blog you just need a Gmail account. Yeah! really simply you need mail account you don’t need hosting and domain blogger is completely free. Sounds good right!.

Simply go to blogger.com just sign up with your mail account and choose suitable domain name but the domain looks like (keyword.blogger.com) and then customize the site with templates once it ready now you’re ready to publish your content.

Here, I’m recommended that blogger.com if you really need a free blogging platform go with WordPress.com it’s a hosted versioWordpresspress company. WordPress.com simply like blogger.com but it will help you learn WordPress skill that will boost your corporate profile. Nowadays most of the companies recruit WordPress bloggers.

WordPress vs Blogger Pricing

WordPress is free and open source content management system (CMS). it’s just like software which helps you design, publish, and manipulate everything of your site.

When you need to start a blog with WordPress.org you definitely need a hosting server which coast you, based upon site traffic or may your needs. I already WordPress.org is a self-hosted, means when you purchase hosting service it’s your’s right!.

The hosting service based upon page speed, bandwidth, and storage etc. when you new to blogging go with shared hosting, Bluehost provides $2.95 / month and they give one-year free domain will require features (Add-ons).

Blogger is completely free you don’t need to purchase a domain and hosting service to host your website. they give a subdomain of blogger.com and alternatively, you will also purchase a new domain for your blogger website.

WordPress vs Blogger Design and Customization

WordPress is very popular and lots of community around the world. However, there are so many more themes available in the market. There are lots of free and paid themes, plugins, also page builders (Divi, Elementor, WPbakery etc.) available on ThemeForest provided by Envato (paid stuff).

You can customize your website completely mobile responsive and SEO friendly also great UI for your content readers.

Blogger has a less community also there are not enough themes to customize your blog. if they available they are not for mobile and SEO friendly many users faces this problem.

WordPress vs Blogger Features

WordPress features;

  • Simplicity
  • a large, active community
  • SEO-optimized
  • Easy to publish content
  • Custom content types
  • Flexibility
  • Publishing tools
  • Multilingual
  • Built-in comments
  • Ownership
  • Easy to use themes
  • Extensible plugins
  • Application framework
  • Latest script libraries
  • Any multimedia
  • Freedom of use
  • World Wide Web Consortium standards compliant etc.

There are lots of features available in the WordPress platform it’s free and open-source CMS.

Blogger features;

There are little and fewer features available in blogger.com which is totally disappointed you.

  • Easy to use
  • Free SSL certificate
  • SEO optimization
  • integration with Google services
  • Widgets
  • Multimedia
  • Text content to your blog from a mobile phone

WordPress vs Blogger Support

WordPress has active community support. which are available in forums, online documentation and also your hosting provider will help you with solving the problem. many companies will provide premium support.

Blogger limited community. fewer forums and online documentation.


WordPress is a self-hosted service the security is very quiet sometimes it depends upon you. you need to do daily backups and also need an SSL certificate. some hosting providers will give free SSL.

Blogger is under controlled by Google which is strong secure right!. means you don’t need to maintain server backups. Blogger.com will give you also free SSL.

When is the better option WordPress

  • When you have some level of web development skill.
  • Have the time, money and effort to invest in starting a WordPress blog.
  • Have a long-term plan to expand your blog or an online store or others.

When is the better option Blogger

  • When you don’t have web development skills and any experience with blogging.
  • When you need practical blogging experience.
  • When you want to start a blog without investment and effort.

Future of WordPress vs Blogger

Blogger doesn’t release any major update. we have seen the Google company closed some services they are Google Adsense for Feedburner and Google reader. However, it depends upon Google right!. 🙂

WordPress releases so many major updates they recently release WordPress 5.0 introduced Gutenberg (block editor). you’ll see each and every update information here.

However, it’s not depending upon any company or individual it’s completely open-source software. it has may community developers and the WordPress web users nearly 35% of the globe. which is greatly increased in beyond.

I hope this article definitely will help you right!. now you have a complete variation of WordPress vs blogger right. if any queries please let me know the comment box.

You will also find me on social networks. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Stay tuned for further updates. 🙂

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