What is WordPress Admin Area

The WordPress Admin Area is the administrative section of a WordPress website. Normally, admin area will be accessed by visiting the website directory wp-admin on the web browser. For Example https://www.blog.com/wp-admin/

The admin area is the administrative area of only WordPress powered website. The administrator has complete access to all sections within the WordPress Dashboard. The administrator can also add the Users with different roles such as contributor, editor, SEO Manager, author or also give a role with the administration. each role has limited access to the admin area. Example You are in subscriber role You can only have access to your profile page only, or if you or admin role you can manipulate all sections.

At the screen right side, you see Howdy,[adminname], in this section admin can their name, password, and social profiles. The left side you can see all the Menu navigations that you access the WordPress management tools. each tools menu have different sub-tools. such as Pages, Appearance, and Plugins etc.

In the admin area, the work area is the center of the screen. This represents you can customize your blog, add new pages, write posts, and update WordPress version also themes and plugins as well as. The work area footer contains like Thank you for Creating with WordPress greeting and WordPress version you have installed like Version 4.9.8.

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