What is Difference b/w Domain Name and Web Hosting

If you’re a beginner, you don’t know Domain Name and Web Hosting. In this guide, we will explain these two terms.

What is Domain Name?

The address of your website which people to search your site keyword in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

Likely, If you have a house then the house address is the domain name.

The Internet is a large computer network connected to various other devices through cables. To simply identify them, each device is allocated a number of rows named IP address.

This IP address is a mixture of numbers and assigned with dots. The IP addresses look like the format of “n.n.n.n” grouped into four sections. each ‘n‘ character stores 255 characters. Example:

The Internet Protocol (IP) exactly looks like

There is no problem in identifying these numbers for computers. But, it is impossible for humans to remember and used to connect websites on the Internet. To solve these problem domain names were invented.

If you want to visit a website on the internet, you don’t need to type numbers. Preferably, you can type domain names it’s easy to remember.

For example, enfnware.com

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a server to place all your files of your website to live. The best way to think about hosting, if the domain name is your home address, then the exact home that addresses web hosting is addressed. all websites need web hosting to placing their site into the internet.

When someone visits your domain name in a browser, the domain name will be changed into your web hosting company IP address.

This hosting server holds all files of your website, and it sends the files when user visiting your site in a web browser.

How related Domain Names and Web Hosting?

These two terms are totally different. But, building a website you need both domain and web hosting.

Typically, a domain name system like a huge address book that is regularly refreshed. Every domain name is the address of the web hosting service to store website files.

Without the domain name, You can’t build a website and can’t find your website without web hosting.