How to Start a Blog in 2019 (Step by Step): Ultimate Guide

Do you want to start a blog in 2019? Well, a right thing you thinking to start your blogging journey. 🙂 Let I’ll help you with this matter. You’re not alone to create your own blog there are millions of blogs created daily.

The right way to start a blog with WordPress is open-source and it’s completely free and we easily publish our content which is SEO friendly.

Why do you need to start a blog with WordPress?

  • User-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive
  • Free & Opensource

There are lots of benefits using WordPress blog/website. Let’s take a look at once what you need.

What do you need to Start a Blog with WordPress

Generally, You need three of things to create your own blog.

  • Domain name (
  • Web Hosting (website is live on the internet)
  • You need to spend time nearly 30 minutes

I’ve already an article about how to choose the best domain that suitable for your niche/business also the best web hosting provider company giving free domain for one year.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover all the activities to create a blog;

  • Register a Free Domain
  • Register Best web hosting (Bluehost)
  • How to install WordPress
  • Change Theme of website
  • Install Plugins
  • Write a first blog post

Let’s get started!.

Step 1. Register a Free Domain

The domain is an address of your website. People typically search your keyword in the search engines for example

The domain is typically cost you $15 / year and web hosting nearly $8 / month. The Bluehost hosting provider will give you 60% off, which is $2.95 / month with free domain for one year.

Absolutely, Bluehost will give you Free domain for one year and $2.95 / month shared web hosting plan. Bluehost is a WordPress recommended web hosting provider.

Click here to claim Bluehost offer Now!

Step 2. Purchase Web Hosting

Let’s go to Purchase Free domain and Hosting.

Go to the Bluehost official website by clicking the link.

start a blog

Once you click the link you will redirect to Bluehost homepage right now you will see Free Domain, Free SSL and $2.95 / month. Let’s click on the Get started now button.

after that, select a plan which is necessary for you I would recommend to go Choice plus plan with this all functionalities get free for the affordable price.

start a blog

Once you select the desired plan you will get asked to choose a domain name.

You can’t decide your domain name choose later once you purchased hosting account. after that, you will go ahead into the next and final step.

You need to give your details to create an account which is First and second name and email address also billing address etc.

Actually, the prime plan cost you $5.45 / month my referral link will give you 66% off when you go with three years plan which is cost you $4.95 / month.

The 36 months plan will give you more value. Once you ready to make payment pay with using the credit card or PayPal.

Once you purchased the hosting plan you can create your password for hosting dashboard and they mail you all details about hosting plan and billing information keep it privately.

Login to your hosting dashboard for install WordPress to your website.

Step 3. How to Install WordPress

The hosting cPanel has different services which are creating a website MySQLSql databases, email accounts etc.

how to start a blog in 2019

The Bluehost dashboard looks like this!. In order to set up your WordPress website you don’t need to go cPanel there is quick install feature in Bluehost.

Remember, You don’t need to go cPanel which is under the Advanced section.

how to start a blog in 2019

Select My Sites and then choose Create Site this will take you WordPress installation wizard.

Simply, enter your site name and site title which slogan that represents your site is what is about after then select next button to proceed. 🙂

how to start a blog in 2019

after that, choose the domain name I already installed WordPress in my primary domain However, I would like to install on the subdomain. The installation process is the same for every domain. 🙂

Choose the domain name where you had install on it and leave the directory which set to default (optional).

Yep, The WordPress installation is completed now on your domain. it is easy to do right!. Let login to your site. your WordPress website login URL look like this; which is you can observe in the screen capture.

Step 3. Change WP Theme

Once you logged in you need to change your website design. Now there are default three themes which are Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, and Twenty Nineteen.

start a blog in 2019

When you first visit your blog/website it will look like this. the default activated theme is Twenty Nineteen which is not good right!.

Now you need to change the look of your website which is based on what type of content you need to publish, products or services also you will make e-commerce store which is good for you right. 🙂

To change the blog theme Go to Appearance -> Themes and then select themes. Select which theme is perfect for you.

You can also upload paid theme you will buy on ThemeForest or Genisys etc. and also search themes. Once you choosing the right theme simply click on Install and Activate.

Now the site looks totally different from the previous design.

Once you happy with the new theme you can customize theme which means how it looks.!. you will see site identity, Menus, and background image and so on.

start a blog in 2019

Once you completed all customizations you’re ready to publish a new post. before we going to publish a new post we need to install the Yoast SEO plugin which is good for doing On-Page SEO. 🙂

Step 4. Install Plugins

Plugins are used to extending WP functions. For example, you don’t have paid theme then you need to depend on each and every action need plugin. (E-commerce, contact forms, forms, gallery etc.)

Let we need to Yoast SEO for publishing a new post with SEO. Go to Plugins -> select Add New search for Yoast SEO it will appear at first one install and activate the plugin.

Now You’re ready to publish a new post.

Step 5. Publish a New Post

Now the WordPress version comes with 5.0 there is a block editor replaced with the classic editor. The block editor called Gutenberg which is not good for better content writing experience.

However, I would like to recommend to switch normal editor. I already published a post how to disable Gutenberg and replace with the classic editor. You will click here go disable Gutenberg.

To publish a new post Go to Posts -> and select Add New and Give the title which is related to your content.

Remember don’t forget to add categories, featured image and Tags. Use Yoast SEO for proper On-Page SEO.

The green circles indicate the Good SEO score and readability score make it OK or Good score. Once your content ready it ready to publish.

That’s all about to start a blog once you ready with some content and site customization you’ll ready to index your site on search engines.

We’ll discuss another post how to index and crawl your site on Google search engine clearly and completely.

Once your website has good traffic also make money from your blog that comes further article.

I’ll teach you to step by step how to become a Blogger and Digital Marketer. Now you know little bit SEO right!. with the help of Yoast SEO and I’ll share a full review of this plugin.

I already published an article about the basic introduction of search engine optimization (SEO) You’ll read it here.

Have any questions to start a blog. let me know in the comment section.

I’ll update the content regularly stay tuned for further updates. 🙂

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