How to Activate Microsoft Office 2021 using CMD

Hello guys, How are you? I hope all are good, right!. So here I want to tell you how to activate ms office 2021 using cmd. Yes, you’ve heard the right thing. You can activate Microsoft Office 2021 for free and lifetime validity. You don’t need to pay any single rupee. This guide will provide you with an ms office 2021 activator cmd or txt file to download and activate the popular office suite.

Microsoft Office 2021 activation method is official and doesn’t hard your PC or laptop, and this technique only works on Windows operating systems. It is not a crack version. It is the simple tip and trick to the ms office 2021 activator txt file.

Problems while using crack;

While using a crack version, your PC may affect viruses and malware. Sometimes hackers may steal your personal information. Of course, some cracks are good—those developed by known technical developers.

😱 How do we quickly find that harmful cracks? The only way is to find harmful crack software by using antivirus software. The software soon detects any file dangerous that damages your PC pr laptop. Microsoft Windows Security quickly detects that harmful crack software.

“Remember, I’m not using any harmful crack software, and I’m not producing that content within my site. I’m a programmer and developer, and I test that software and edit the code or make it my own. I’ll share it with my team and friends if it is good.”

Microsoft Office 2021 ISO Download

Before we go, you need to install the new Office 2021 on your PC or Laptop. Here you can download the official Microsoft office product releases. Don’t download MS Office products from unknown websites. 😒

Once you’ve downloaded Office 2021 ISO or IMG, you’ll need to install it on your Windows PC or Laptop. Here is the step-by-step guide for How to install MS Office 2021.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2021 without Product Key for Free Lifetime

Using this method is 100% legal and has no issues. You can read this official Microsoft article on how it is legal.

Follow these steps for activating Microsoft Office 2021 Activator CMD for free;

This method follows to activate office 2021 using cmd (Windows Command Prompt). To activate office 2021 using cmd, we’ll need to convert the Retail version to the Volume version. Follow these steps now.

Step 1: Connect to the Internet (Make sure proper internet connection)

microsoft office 2021 activator cmd code
Microsoft Office 2021 ProPlus Code

Step 2: Copy the following code into a new ms office 2021 activator txt document on your Windows PC or Laptop. The Code link and file download link is given below the post.

Step 3: There are two codes available for Office Professional Plus 2021 and Office Standard 2021. Here I selected ProPlus 2021 code. Select the Code which variant you need to activate and copy the code. 

ms office activator 2021

Step 5: Open the command prompt as Administrator. Paste the code and hit Enter button. Finally, the code processing to activate MS Office 2021 without a product key.

microsoft office 2021 activator cmd
microsoft office 2021 activation successful

Step 6: Wait until Product Activation is Successful—all Set. Your product is activated. Now you can use the Microsoft Office 2021 lifetime free.

Once the product is activated, you may link your Outlook / Hotmail account for Office updated and OneDrive backup.

Download the files by following links;

load link, you need to wait 90 seconds. Once the time is over, the download links are opened automatically.

More Information:

While downloading the files, the Windows Defender (Windows Security) blocks the file. On 09-oct-2019, Microsoft doesn’t allow batch files (.cmd or .bat). Hence, Windows Security detects it as a “HackTool: BAT/AutoKMS.” Hence, you need to allow the file from Windows Security. Don’t worry. It’s not a virus or trojan.

If you are faced any errors while downloading the files or activating Office 2021, let me know in the comment section. I hope this article will help you use Office 2021 activator cmd free for a lifetime. If you like this article, share it on social media. 😊

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