Which are the Most Popular Blog Types

While when you want to create a new blog, don’t think about which is more popular blog types, which topic gets more popular traffic, which is easy to write or to get traffic, which topic gets more money, and don’t think about many more such things. Do what you know perfectly. It makes you become the most successful influencer on the internet. 🙂

To decide which niche best fits your blog, you need to know your passion and what you interested in. Every blog has its own audiences who search for a specific topic or information. However, write about your passion it becomes successful and you may get more content ideas that help you grow your blog.

This article will help you to know, is my content popular blog topic, the topic is useful for users, and more. Remember, don’t think about what others do.

When you start a blog, the most common question is you might think about which are the most popular blog types? There is a wide range of blog types that cover different topics, ideas, interests, and more useful content.

For a successful blog, you need to plan all these things. We’ll help you to find the best blog topic that you can start right now.

Let’s Take a Look at Most Popular Blog Types

Tech Blogs

Tech niche blogs are more popular in electronic gadget reviews, technology news, tech tips, and tricks, mobiles, smart devices and more. Use your blog for technology news, provide useful information to audiences.

Tech Crunch, Engadget, Lifehacker, and more popular blogs out there. Tech blogs are more frequently update their content. Like breaking news, new launches, events and more. If you want to start a tech blog, you need to show your hard work to success.

How To Blogs

Want to write How-to guide blogs, take a reference to WikiHow blog. it’s one of the popular blogs on the internet. peoples are very interested to search how to do such a thing and more.

When people want to do how to do stuff, they immediately search it on google. make a blog and create interesting topics and explain with images.

Food Blogs

I like the food very much. oh.! it’s very yummy. 😋 Food blog attracts more peoples on the internet. write about delicious healthy food, dining food, recipes, and more interesting topics.

Some food bloggers also write how to prepare good dinner for the night, moody wether diet, make recipes, and more. If you love cooking then kick start your career with YouTube and running your own blog.

Beginner Guide’s

Beginner Guides are very helpful to those who are searching for know specific topic. when you start writing about beginner guides you’re the best author to your audience. my own beginner becomes popular now.

Like me, (bharathwick.com) start your blog with what skills (programming, designing, technical, etc.) you have, and share with your audience they feel very happy.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are very popular, many readers like to read their favorite actor’s lifestyle or how he changed his lifestyle in that movie like those things. This topic covers a wide range of topics such as cultural, arts, and more.

Lifestyle bloggers also create your own profile like celebrities became an influencer to get more opportunities such as paid partnerships, work with the fashion business, etc.


The most trending topic on the internet is politics. take a local or national political news and discuss with that content. publish local people’s problems on it reaches to political government. write about political events during the election year.

You may have to get more content ideas while watching TV, YouTube, or your local political news what you seed in your place.

Personal Stories

Personal stories become inspirational and more impact on readers. write about what hurdles you faced in your life or what you see. The stories are really helpful to your audiences and you become brand.

A great story will reach the audience’s brain they learn something using that story. A great story was written by emotion, while when a user reads your content they feel like very emotionally and it’s a very true fact.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are the most popular blog types on the internet. Fashion is a big industry in the world. write about fashion what you love, what you wear, occasions, and more. many more fashion bloggers are invited by special major fashion events and they give special perks to you.

Fashion blogs have a global audience. Also, you can get the best deals from top fashion brands. Once you popular you may become a fashion model and fashion influencer.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are another most popular type of blog. you may need to travel more than ever. write about travel guides, tips, a story about that place, and destination guides and more.

Once your blog may success you may get more perks from travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and more.

DIY Blogs

DIY blogs provide very interesting topics and these blogs also have wider range of audiences. DIY blogs can start who interested to fix their own things or create their own inventions. If you’re one such person, share your experience with the world.

The Diy blogs covers, home hacks, woodworking, arts, construction, decorative ideas, crafts, welding, landscaping, and more. YouTube is the best platform for DIY bloggers.

Fun Story Blogs

If you love humor and fun jokes, activities like Mr. Bean, the internet is the best place to share your talent. Write fun stories using a blog or if you’re an actor shoot videos and upload it by Youtube.

Sports Blogs

Every country has different types of sports games. These blogs are covers all sports events, matches, tests, etc. covers all over the world. There are some blogs they write content by taking the money and writing about athletics, teams, and other organizations.

Parenting Blogs

Parenting logs are very trendy and cover interesting topics. the blogs have huge audiences and it covers childcare, child food caring, home education, and more.

Dad bloggers and Mom blogger’s content are might be different. parenting blogs teaching many more aspects to teach parents, love and child love.

Fitness Blogs

Fitness niche good topic to engage with internet users. people mostly search for health and fitness. Hence, it’s a great opportunity to start a fitness blog.

This blogger writes about food diet, gym workouts, yoga, supplements, and more. Fitness bloggers mostly create video content to easily understand how to do the exercises.

Movie Blogs

Movie blogs have huge audiences on the internet. These blogs shares movie info, upcoming movies, celebrity info, movie releases, and movie reviews.

Most of the bloggers invited to watch movies before the public release, Hence, they can easily write their opinion in that upcoming movie.

Product Review Blogs

This type of blog covers only product reviews, such as smartphones, gadgets, cameras, and more. When a user wants to purchase a new smartphone or camera or any device, then the user seeking product reviews about how the device is performed, durability, etc.

There are the most popular review websites and video content blogs. These blogs can drive very huge traffic. Also, they earn money from affiliates and paid partners with review units.

Pet Blogs

Pet owners interested to read about pet care, pet diet, pet health tips, pet training, pet grooming, and more. if you’re running a pet shop you can easily start a blog and write about pet care and tips. This will also help you generate income by selling your product supplies.

Gaming Blogs

A person who interested in Gaming consoles, then he starts career passion on the internet. write about game level, session stories. Mostly gamers create gameplays and upload it on YouTube, Facebook Gaming, live plays, and more.

Gamers can have lots of opportunities to make money with their gaming blogs. They earn money while playing live, paid partners with computer companies, and game developers will give a game to play and test it before the game is released.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs belong to individual blog writers who interested to share their experiences. They mostly write about daily life, experiences they faced, and more. The purpose of creating a personal blog increase their brand presence online.

Business Blogs

Business blogs are professional blogs. These blogs are created by companies, agencies, industries, and others. They intended to create communication with their customers or educate their services or products.

Every company maintains a blog, they publish their activities or products or services they offered.

That’s all for now. I think you find this will help you find the most popular blog types. If you had any doubts about in this please give a comment here.

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