How to install a WordPress theme using cPanel

Install a WordPress theme using cPanel a little bit different. People mostly using the WP dashboard because it’s a fully functional to do any operation such as theme editor, plugins may help to access file manager, etc.

As a WordPress user, you may need to know different ways to interact with your site. here you’ll find how to install a WordPress theme using cPanel.

Why are you using cPanel?

cPanel is an online web hosting control panel. this is an interface while you manage the website hosting server. it contains few tools such as SQL, email accounts, databases, PHP, file manager, and more.

How to install a theme using cPanel

Before you begin, login into your hosting panel and then open file manager. The navigation may a little bit different but the procedure is the same. follow the instruction each one by one.

Install a WordPress theme using cPanel

Go to cPanel and then select File Manager

Install a WordPress theme using cPanel

On the next screen, you’ll see the file manager dashboard open the folder “public_html”.

When you open the folder, it displays all folders and files belongs to the WordPress site. there are three folder select and open the “wp-content”.

Once you open the wp-content folder, it contains all WordPress content files such as plugins, themes, and media uploads. Select and open “themes” folder.

Yeah.! here it is. there is only one folder named as Astra it is a theme what I installed on my blog. Now you need to “Upload” the new theme.

When you select the upload button it’ll take you to the next screen. You may need to select file or drag and drop there. Here you’ll see I’m uploading the filed named as “”. Each and every WordPress theme compressed on Zip file format.

Once the uploading complete you need to extract the file.

Here you’ll see the file was uploaded successfully then select the and choose “Extract” button.

Do not change the extraction file directory we already selected and uploaded the file where the WordPress themes there which is “wp-content -> themes -> Upload”.

Once the extraction is complete it creates a folder what the zip file named as in. all these files are under on that folder. Every operation you need to select the Reload button.

All done. 🙂 The theme is successfully installed on your WordPress site and activate the theme.

IonMag WordPress theme discontinued by the developers. If you are interested to use this download the theme from my cloud drive.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for installing a WordPress theme using cPanel. you will also install the theme by following these methods.

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