How to Disable Gutenberg in WordPress

WordPress 5.0 users want to disable Gutenberg editor. The Gutenberg introduced in WordPress 4.9.8 release. the block editor hates 90% of users nearly. they want to come back with the Classic editor.

Disable Gutenberg

On December 6, 2018, WordPress 5.0 was released. the classic editor replaced with block editor named as “Gutenberg”.

In this article, I’ll help you how to disable block editor. This process will disable both post types and page types.

Disable by using Plugin

The easiest way and simple method to disable Gutenberg by using the plugin. The plugin allows you to disable block editor and return back new WP classic editor.

Once, You uninstall the plugin, it will come back to Gutenberg editor. however, I don’t recommend to do this method 🙂

Once you install the plugin you will disable Gutenberg by selecting complete disable option then select save changes.

Disable Gutenberg

Disable Gutenberg by using Code Editor

You can disable completely Gutenberg on your entire website by following this code;

This code only works on WP 5.0

add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');

Older Versions such as WP 4.9.8

add_filter('gutenberg_can_edit_post', '__return_false');

Place the code via functions.php. Goto the Appearance -> Editor -> find Theme Functions (functions.php) place the code at bottom of statements. simply follow the image you will understand easily.

Once you remove the code the block editor return back normally.

Using Classic Editor Plugin – (Optional)

Classic editor plugin allows you can use both editors simultaneously. simply download and activate the plugin you will see the plugin settings at under the writing settings.

Disable Gutenberg

The Plugin allows you to set the default editor and also allow users to switch either Gutenberg or classic editor.

I hope this information will help you to disable block editor (Gutenberg). Any other queries please let me know in the comment section.

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