How to Download Windows 11 ISO File Free (Official)

After a long period of anticipation following the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft has finally released the new operating system. The many new features and upgrades in the Windows 11 OS system are stylistic enhancements and additional features and functions.

Therefore, if Microsoft distributes Windows 11 in phases, you may or may not receive the update on your Windows 11 compatible PC immediately following the release of the first phase.

This new OS will take some time to roll out, as it does with every new operating system. Many Windows users will have to wait until they receive an update notification from Microsoft before starting using it.

If you don’t want to wait for Windows 11, here’s how to have it installed on your computer right away without the need to wait.

You will not be permitted to install the Windows 11 OS until your computer meets the minimum requirements for the operating system. 

Installing Windows 11 on an older machine is possible if you download Windows 11 ISO file and perform the installation yourself, even though automated updates are available.

Let’s see how to download Windows 11 ISO file from the official website.

How to Download Windows 11 ISO File for Free

A workaround is available for users who have difficulty installing Windows 11 because their PC does not meet the minimum system requirements. Using this method, you may create a bootable USB and install Windows 11 from the ground up. It will be necessary to wipe all data on the C disk, but no data on the other partitions will be affected.

Download the Windows 11 stable ISO image from Microsoft’s website as a start. When you get to the third option, select “Windows 11” and then your language preference. Finally, click “64-bit Download” to begin the download process.

how to download windows 11 iso file free
windows 11 iso download

After that, To create a bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive, you’ll first need to download and install the Rufus software (Free). If Rufus is too difficult for you to understand how to create a bootable USB, you can look at this article.

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