What is Domain Name Privacy? Do i really need.!

Many of the few bloggers ask me Do I really need a domain name privacy addon and Is’t worth? In this article, I’ll cover the all about domain name privacy. 🙂 let us know what it is?

What is Domain Name Privacy

Domain name protection is also often called Whois Privacy. This service (addon) offered by domain name registrar company. If you purchased Whois privacy for your domain name, then your personal details will be hidden from others.

Yes. Exactly, all your personal information will be hidden. The information you gave to your domain registrary company while you purchasing a new domain.

There are few Whois privacy tools that will help you to check domain protection also someone misleads this information.

Whois privacy is like an organization manages the all domain data registration. it also includes hosting Nameservers, Domain registration date, expiry date etc.

If you purchase a new domain you’ll definitely need Whois protection for hiding your details.

If a domain has without privacy protection;
  • John walk
  • walk@YourDomain.com
  • 131 Orange St.
  • HomeTown, AZ 85000
  • (480) 555-5555
If a domain has privacy protection;
  • Domains.com, LLC
  • 14747 NSight Blvd.
  • Suite 117, PMB 309
  • Scott, AZ 85260
  • (480) 642-2599
What happens if you have Domain Whois privacy

When you want to purchase a new domain your domain registrary ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) needs some kind of information to proceed to buy a domain name which likes online shopping for a delivery address (personal information). Unless when you don’t protect your data it will go public.

Anyone hijack your information they perform mislead illegal actions by stealing your mailing information. If your data goes public everyone can see/allow your mobile number, address, mail address etc.

The following are the reasons to buy Whois protection;

  • Protect your personal information – The Whois privacy hide all your details.
  • Domain Hijacking – This is the major issue. if someone sees your billing email address they steal your domain. such as domain transfer authorization, change registrar etc.
  • Protect Email address – Your email address will be safe from spams and it replaces with another one.
  • Stop unneeded requests – If your data is not hidden, some spammers, sales peoples, consultants they find you and they offer SEO services, SEM, PPC and so on. these are all unwanted requests we don’t need. this happens when a new website published on the internet. (without Whois)

Disadvantages of Domain privacy

There are some downsides by using Whois privacy.

  • Extra cost – when you need more security go with this option but you’ll need to pay additional amount.
  • The information is not private – Whois privacy makes your personal data is private but in some cases, the domain registrary releases your information without informing you. (owner of the domain)
  • Suspicious look –  Normally, it happens in businesses. when your business looks suspicious to others then they want your services or products from your website, they will do some research about your business. If they are unable to find your business information they consider not good. then you lose some customers.

How to check domain Whois Privacy

There are a few more tools to check your domain name privacy. ICANN Whois, WhoIs Godaddy, and Namecheap.

When you buy a new domain in Namecheap domain registrar they will give you free Whois privacy forever also you can purchase business protection.


The domain privacy (Whois) definitely you need to hide your personal information. It will help for your domain preventing unwanted requests, spam, hijacking etc.

I hope this article will clear you all doubts about domain protection. If anything else please let me know in the comment section. 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates gain more knowledge.

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