How to Download & Install Camtasia 2020

Techsmith Camtasia is a professional video creator. You can make videos for your business presentations and Courses, Educational videos, Marketing videos, screencasting, and more. You may create your videos directly by screen recording or import videos that are already shot by you.

You’ll see there are mostly use Camtasia for their YouTube videos, Udemy courses, and more. The Camtasia video editing software easy to use and you don’t need any advanced video editing skills for using this software.

Here you can download a free Camtasia 2020 from the official website and author. The following steps will be lead to how to download Camtasia 2020 for free;

How to Download Camtasia 2020 Free (Official)

  • Go to Camtasia official website
Camtasia 2020 Official download
  • And, then click on the Download Free Trial button. You’ll be redirected to the download page for Windows and Mac user platforms. Choose which platform are you using either Windows or Mac.
  • Once you choose the download button the file will be downloaded automatically. The file size is nearly less than 500MB
  • After download, you need to install the Camtasia software on your PC.

How to Install Camtasia on your PC

  • Open the downloaded setup file and choose the language and accept Camtasia license terms.
  • Next, choose the install button. The installation process started now.
Camtasia 2020 free download and install
  • Once the installation finished the Camtasia workflow window looks like this.
Camtasia 2020 Workflow window

For using the trial version you need to create an account at Techsmith’s official website. For the trial version, the videos created with Camtasia produced with watermarks and limited features.

How to Get Camtasia Lifetime for Free 🤩

For getting Camtasia lifetime for free there are only three options;

  • Purchase Paid version
  • Use any pirated or crack version
  • Or, If you are a developer make your own patcher for Camtasia software.

You can use my Camtasia 2020 patch. You can download it here. Before using our Camtasia patch, allow the patch thread file from chrome download or windows security. (IT’S NOT A VIRUS) 🥳

Download Camtasia 2020 Patch

Download Camtasia Latest Version 20.0.12

Note: The tool only works for Camtasia version 19.0.10 which is released on 10 March 2020. For the latest version, we are developing that one. it comes soon as early as possible.

Let me know in the box if any errors occurred while downloading or installing or activating Camtasia 2020.

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