How to Choose Best Domain Registrar in 2019

Are you looking for the best domain name registrar for your Blog/Website? Domain Registrars are the companies, person who registers a domain for their website the company will maintain the all websites domains all over the world.

Choosing the right domain registrar is very necessary because there are many ways to get rid of hypocrisy. In this article, In this article, you will find the best domain registrar.

What we will cover in this article,
  • What is Domain Registrar?
  • What Domain Registrars Do Really?
  • How to Choose the best Domain Registrar?

Lets we have look at this things before we choosing a right domain registrar,

What is Domain Registrar?

A Domain Registrar is a company that provides you to purchase a domain name. Each and every domain name registrars are recognized by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit organization that is responsible for managing domain names.

Without the domain names, we can’t surf into using an IP address. For example, domain names can solve this problem by simply choosing websites to remember words

To allow domain names to be widely available, ICANN organizations are required to apply for identity and become domain registrars. These companies are to sell domain name licenses, allowing you to obtain good service and tools when you purchase a domain name.

What Domain Registrars Do Really?

Domain names are stored in a centralized database called registry. For a domain name identity, all relevant information about that database must be included.

A domain name registrar will be allowed ICANN permission to make changes to your domain name information in the database on your part.

Let’s see how we can easily choose the best domain registrar,

How to Choose the best Domain Registrar?

All domain registrars do not have the permission to sell all domain name extensions. For example, some domain name extensions may only sell the country-specific domains (.in, .ac, uk, etc).

Each domain registrar offers different services when you purchase a domain name. Some domain registrars offer cheap domain with add-ons.

When registering the best domain registrar, we will look into the following four principles:

Domain Transfer

Domain names will be moved from a one domain registrar to another registrar. Usually, you do not need to transfer your domain name to another, but if you’re unhappy with your domain registrar, then you can easily transfer your domain.

You can’t transfer the domain name in the first 60 days the time period taken by ICANN. After completing the time period allowed to transfer.

Many domain registrars make it easy to transfer your domain names without any extra fees. But, some registrars may try to make it more difficult or collect additional fees.

Be sure to review the Domain Transfer System policies before you purchase the domain name.

Pricing & Registration Period

The first thing you need to check is the domain name availability and price. Some domain registrars offer lower rates for first-year registration, and the next year renewal prices are totally different.

You can register a domain name for at least one year. But, some registrars claim a minimum two-years registration. You can also register your domain for up to 10 years. however, you can’t own lifelong.

You should check additional fees for renewal, domain transfers, and other charges.


Some Domain registrars may offer different add-ons when you purchase a domain. The add-ons like domain parking, domain privacy, and more.

Some registrars provide WordPress hosting, Email Hosting etc.

Expiration Policies

Domain names are expired when the registration period is over. you can renew the domain name without expiring. if you forget to renew your domain name, it will expire and anyone can register your domain name. So, renew your domain name without over the time period.

Once your domain name lost with any registration you can’t retrieve back that. make sure when you purchase a domain choose the option automatic renewal. this option will help automatic renewal when you forgot.

What you remember when you choose Domain Name Registrar

Today most vast competition in the domain registration companies, they come with some engaging offers. Although these offers look good, there may be some side effects that you do not notice immediately.

The Following are some things to look for when picking a domain registrar.


Generally, when you proceeding a purchase your domain, there are some add-ons will be added in your check out. select necessary add-ons and cross-check the unwanted features. Typically the .COM domain is $15 /year or may low cost depend on the domain registrar.

Check before when you proceed to pay an amount, do not buy unnecessary add-ons.

Hidden Fees

You need to know hidden charges when you purchase a domain with a right domain registrar.

For example, first-time registration is cheaper when compared to renew the domain. The beginners can attract this offer you must realize it. the domain renews cost very impacts on you.

User Experience

Most of the domain registrary looking great user experience because they don’t lose any customer.

Sometimes that will affect you on You need to change your domain name setting and may need transfer to another registrar.

How can you know that is best domain registrar? the easiest way to know best domain registrar see their ratings. lots peoples can share their opinions in rating sections.

We presenting on you our best domain registries lets have a look at these.


Bluehost is one of the greatest and largest hosting provider all over the world. Even they offer a Free Domain when you purchase any hosting plan. you can also purchase domains without buying a hosting plan.

They give 24/7 Support and Free SSL certificate. bluehost offers $2.95 / month with Free domain and SSL.

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2. Godaddy

Godaddy is a popular domain registrar in the world. they also provide a web hosting. they managing 77 million domains over 118 million customers.

They offer wide various domain name extensions. they provide a better experience and domain management.

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3. Namecheap

Namecheap is a domain name register offers you lots of Add-ons like DNS, domain privacy etc.

They have a powerful domain search tool to find the best domain name and even the domain name is not available they will give the best suggestions.

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4. Hostgator

Hostgator is a powerful hosting provider even domain registrar also. they offer DNS management tools and domain privacy etc.

They offer a Free domain and SSL when you purchase a hosting plan.

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