10 Tips for choosing Best Domain Name – 2019

Choosing the right domain name for your website is important for your success. If you choose the incorrect domain name, it may be a dispute switch then destroying your brand and search rankings.

Why is it so important that you choose best domain name from the beginning. Picking a domain name is like choosing a business name. which requires a lot of thinking and ideas.

In this article, we will share all tips ideas and how to register a domain for free.

10 Tips for choosing Best Domain

When you started a blog/website, choosing a domain name will have the pressure you do not want to do wrong. In order to facilitate the process, we have 10 steps that you can help you pick a Great domain name.

1. Choose .COM extension

There are lots of domain name extensions available today, such as

  • .com : Commercial
  • .info : informational
  • .net : technical, Internet
  • .org : non-commercial
  • .me : blogs, personal websites etc.

We always recommend selecting a .com domain. .com domain is still a highly established and trusted domain extension. they are very memorable and most users,

Each domain name has specific meaning and advantages, so choose one that works for your business. The .com domain extension is extremely popular too long.

Peoples can search websites with .com extension even they don’t know the site extension is .com or not. Those days mobile devices come with .com button even these days also we can see .com key on smartphones which help people easy to search on the web.

2. Use Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in a domain. Using the keywords in your domain name, tell your search engines about your website. keywords can help your domain may reach rank higher on Google.

Using Keywords that tell your business and the services you offer. It is very difficult to find a domain with targeted keywords they have already taken. You need to combine and merge your keywords with other words to retain your domain.

3. Unique and Brand

To make a brand with your domain name, purchase various domain extensions and the domain name is must be unique than others.

If you do not want to use the trademarked name uncertainly, or if you want to copy another blogger.

Brandable domain names are unique, impressive, and memorable. For example Amazon.com

4. Pronounce and Spell

It’s easy to share your domain with your speaking with someone and your writing. then you will be easily asked to share your domain name individually.

Finding a simple domain name is the key to online success

5. Keep it Short

Your domain name is large and difficult, you might be mistaken if you mislead or mistyping users. Keep your domain name under 15 characters the short and simple way to go.

6. Avoid Numbers and hyphens

If you do not know whether people use your number to hear your website address or you do not know whether or not or they forget the bit.

Never choose a domain name by including with hyphens. The hyphen can be a spam domain signal that you should not be supplemented with. If you choose a domain name with hyphens, the domain you want is already taken, your opponents will end up on the site.

7. Research

Make sure that the domain name you choose is not copyrighted, trademarked, or used by another company. Spend a fortune on you, and result in a huge legal mash which will cost your domain.

8. Avoid Doubled Letters

It increases the likelihood of losing congested traffic because it is a good idea to avoid domains with double letters.

For example, domains like Bookshhopp.com are more likely to be missed by typos and lost traffic.

9. Target Area

If your running a business is local, hold your city name or state for a target to engage with your local customers.

10. Expand

It’s good to choose a domain name for your niche as it lets users know what you think about your site. However, most of your options should not be restricted.

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